Chelle H.'s Review of A2 Hosting

Chelle H.
agosto 25, 2019
“I support and encourage your mission in continually reaching out and asking how to do better. Love. My support for this was GREAT. I would suggest, taking it to Excellent by not only sending informative links in the support reply but choices in how to resolve the problem. Meaning, for me, I had thought it was a PHP problem due to all the literature out there. However, it was a resource issue. I maxed out at 100% by added a subfolder and trying to install the theme. There was an opportunity to suggestive sell to help me up to the resource. I would have paid for more space or more resource. I did more digging in my account to see I had one add on I could buy, so I read that it would speed up my site. So I did. It seemed to work. But I'm not confident when I start having visitors, this won't happen again. Outside of that, I always ALWAYS receive kind support. Can I ask? Is this hosting more for the IT group, or is it for the general population? I have you on my site as a resource. I want to be able to describe who this hosting is best suited for. Again, Thank you so much. You guys are awesome!”

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